How can I go back to an old eyeglass prescription?
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I got a new prescription, and discovered I need readers. Glasses I still have with an older prescription work just fine at all distances I need them for, so I wear them. Driving is fine. Reading a computer screen is fine. Reading a book is fine so long as I turn on a light. I'd like to continue wearing the older prescription, but the glasses are really worn. What can I do?
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Buy some online and just enter the old prescription.

Or, if the distance part of the new prescription is probably right, just enter that part (negative numbers for SPH, and also include the CYL stuff).
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If your new prescription doesn't fit you well, chances are your doctor can have lenses remade for you at no cost. "We screwed this up" and/or "the lab screwed this up" is priced in.
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Thanks Huffy Puffy, I don't know why I didn't think of that.
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On two different occasions I have had new glasses made and they were not correct when I received them. The first was a problem at the lab and second the doctor wrote the prescription wrong. Both times they were corrected at no charge to me.
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FWIW, last glasses I got they told me I could get the prescription tweaked to just what I want them for. Default is whatever, let's say they're progressive lenses that are designed to focus from 12" to infinity, but if I know 99% of my time is in front of a computer and around the house, lenses can be ground for a range of 12"-20ft to cover most of the things I'll want to focus on. Or 20", if I just want some glasses that are really good at using with monitors at desk distance. You can also have the "line" between near and far (the bifocal line, so to speak) moved up or down if you know you want more lens for the close-up parts of your looking activities, or you drive most of the time and need more distance correction.

That said, I'm still wearing the above-mentioned glasses and they've never really been great, as I have to tilt my head back with my laptop because 20" focus seems only to exist in the lower 1/4 of the lens.
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When I got a prescription that included a reading element my doctor said 'that's not worth the bother' and told me to get single focus distance lenses. I asked what my reading prescription would be, and got him to write it up. When I got fed up of squinting I ordered a pair from Zenni with that prescription - and while they weren't the best of fits, they did admirably for the occasional bit of close work.

Ask your optician what your reading prescription is. If he claims you don't have one, point out you definitely need one and get him to retest you (for free) for that.

Using the old prescription will no doubt also work, but you might as well get exactly what you need rather than something in the rough vicinity.
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