Twitch DJ Tip Etiquette?
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What's the etiquette for tipping DJs on Twitch?

There are a few DJs I follow on Twitch and I am fairly involved in their associated Discord. I've been digging this new COVID hobby and watch streams multiple nights a week. During the live streams I often tip via Twitch currency (bits), which equates to real dollars for the DJs; however, Twitch takes a cut of those.

I'm in a position to also directly Venmo these DJs about once a month and am trying to figure out what a reasonable amount is. If it's relevant, there are 3 DJs I'd like to tip on a regular basis (they're part of a trio). What's the right balance between something I can afford and not being insulting (or overbearing)?

I'd like advice on this--whether you have a dollar amount or a mental model for thinking about this. Thanks!

Some possible relevant details: I'm in the US, have a good job but like a lot of folks have some financial uncertainty/anxiety right now but want to support their work as artists (especially given the current economic climate). Oh, and this wouldn't be unsolicited. All of these DJs provide their Venmo handles, in case anyone isn't totally familiar with that part of Twitch.
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Best answer: Well the simple answer is to take whatever you're spending on bits and just venmo it instead. If they prominently list their venmos, they likely prefer to be sent money that way for the reasons you mention.

There really isn't any etiquette for tipping amount on Twitch, everyone knows it will vary heavily depending on the means of the person tipping. Some people tip $1, some people tip $50, the streamers are happy to see any of it. It's not like you're tipping for a meal, you're being a patron and should pay what feels good to you and is reasonable. I think the only exception is it would be weird to venmo very low amounts (less than 1 dollar), bits are better for that as they're more fun and encourage interaction in the chat channel. So you may want to reserve a bit of your budget for chat bits even if you send most of it via venmo
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Best answer: Yeah, I think with this, donating *anything* gets you above batting-average, and doing so direct through Venmo or whatever else is definitely preferable to going via Twitch.

Otherwise, whatever you think of as a reasonable cover at a venue (back in the days of venues), maybe anchor your tip based off that?
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The other thing I was thinking about is there is definitely some etiquette in the message you attach to the tip, as both venmo and twitch encourage that. A lot of streamers seem to like meme-y messages so they can show it on stream and encourage other donations. For Venmo you might be able to see their venmo stream if they set it to public and see what other people are saying and what they're donating.

But a poorly done meme-y message can definitely come across as insulting or overbearing, so I personally avoid it and stay simple. I would avoid requesting a song or something else in a tip message, unless they encourage that. And stay away from anything personal outside of the stream/professional context, the streamers I know personally very much want to keep their private lives separate from the stream
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Response by poster: Those are some helpful ways of thinking about it. Thanks!
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