Looking for short(ish) term housing in the Twin Cities
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We'd like to stay in the Twin Cities for a month or two to evaluate if we'd like to relocate there. Snowflake details follow...

Things complicating our search: we have a toddler, we'd like to avoid elevators (because of covid), and one of us needs semi-private space to work-from-home.

We're aware of Sabbatical Homes and Airbnb. Are there other options we might not be aware of?
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VRBO, and possibly negotiate with the owner for a discounted rate for an extended stay.
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Depending on your flexibility with dates, you might be able to find something on Trusted Housesitters. The sublet section on Craigslist has listings. If you have friends in the Twin Cities, ask them to post on Nextdoor.
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I would look for Airbnb’s!! Due to Covid, many of them are sitting empty right now.

I’m here in twin cities having moved here about a year ago. It’s a bad time to get a feel for the cities, about to be winter of Covid. But I love it here. If you need anything at all, or just want to chat, memail me!
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Yeah, I agree with bbqturtle, it's a rough time to get a feel for the Cities. It's going to be a winter of pretty extreme isolation. If you really like winter outdoor activities then I could see it being helpful, but you're not going to get a feel for the restaurants, arts, etc., that make this a special place.
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