What song did I hear?
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I heard this song a few days ago, in a noisy area where I couldn't hear perfectly, but it sounded great and I want to know what it was. The words were something like, something something but "you'll never be a rock star."

It was peppy and upbeat. Men singing, I think. There were maybe some oo-wee-oo-wee-oo kinds of vocal lines in between choruses. It was NOT "Call" by Margot MacDonald. Help me find this good song, please.
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Imagine Dragons Thunder? "Who do you think you are, dreaming about being a big star?"
posted by evilmomlady at 12:35 PM on October 26, 2020

That's not the one, but thanks anyway!
posted by sleevener at 12:42 PM on October 26, 2020

Not quite the right fit for the line you remember, but hits some of your points, so just in case, check out Rockstar by Pink. It has lines about Rockstars and lines about 'na-na-na-na-na'. It is definitely peppy and up-beat.
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There are a lot of songs about rock stars. Can you tell us more about this song?

What genre would you say it was? If you had to guess, do you think it's a modern song, or something from a previous decade? Could you tell anything about what instruments were being played?
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Was it Hollywood by Michael Bublé?
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Kilo and the Dew, "You'll Never Be a Rockstar"?
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Was it this? It has the same line except for the personal pronoun.
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Kind of a long shot, but maybe Streaming Services by Taylor Bennett?
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Tune-Yards Gangsta?

First lyrics refer to gangsta, but then it shifts to rockstar.
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YES, Gangsta is the one, thank you so much. Can't believe you bullseyed it with such scant info. THANK YOU!!
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