Yes, kids, it's another recommend a video game question!
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I have a PS4 and would like another recent-ish (2015 and after) 1st or 3rd person shooter type game, that's my jam. Cool weapons and good story doesn't hurt.

Something to tide me over until Cyberpunk 2077 comes out. I really like stealth games where you creep around (either out of mission goals (mgsv) or terror (hzd)...) and try not to get seen but I also like blowing things up with rocket launchers, so. Love lots of missions and side quests. Absolute favorite games so far have been Far Cry 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Witcher 3, and Metal Gear Phantom Pain, pretty much any Zelda game, and most FFs.

I had never played a MGS before and am currently down to the last mission of Phantom Pain and like it SO much, but I don't want to go back and do any others. I should have started with the 1st one but I didn't, so absolutely don't want to now. I understand the whole lore behind the MGS series and know about the whole Kojima Konami thing; my son thinks I am a heathen for starting with 5 instead of the first one. So yep, I am a heathen.

For extra info, I absolutely hated the BioShocks, Red Dead Redemption, God of War, and Last of Us. I like the Tomb Raider series and have played them all, have also played all Far Crys and Assassin's Creeds. Thought Nier: Automata was ok but not great. Not really a fan of little indie games. I know there's a new Assassin's Creed coming out, not really excited about it because sick to death of all of the AC ship to ship fighting stuff, really really dislike it, seems this one will also have it, might pick it up in a year when it's 10 bucks.

I like to play offline, or if it has to be online, I want to be able to play alone. PS4. Thanks!
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i enjoy the mechanics of wolfenstein: the new order, and the subsequent games in that series from bethesda. mix of stealth and mayhem while murderizing virtual nazis.
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Have you played the Dishonored games? You can play totally stealth/no kill or go in guns blazing (or both). Lots of different paths through levels, cool mix of weapons and powers, and fun story/lore.
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It sounds like you've played most of the games I would recommend in this genre for PS4, but maybe Spider Man? It's a ton of fun and it's at least close to what it sounds like you love.
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If you liked both Far Cry and Tomb Raider, Uncharted seems likes a very natural medium between the two. I've loved all of them.

Spider Man is absolutely great too, and I don't know or care much about the lore. It's just a fun as hell game.
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Maybe Ghost of Tsushima? Setting is the first Mongol invasion of Japan, you play as a samurai. I'm not too far in (maybe 10 hours or so) but am really enjoying it so far, I find it very reminiscent of the Witcher 3 except that you're killing only people, no monsters.
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Maybe Control - third person, no real stealth, combat switches between gun and various telekinetic powers, not very open world. Has two DLCs, one of which has to do with Alan Wake, if you're familiar with/liked that series.

Or Prey which definitely has a stealthing-bc-I'm-terrified component, but then again I've heard it compared to Bioshock. First person shooter/powers.
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Seconding Ghost of Tsushima, especially based on the list of things you liked. It's probably most like Far Cry or an Assassin's Creed in terms of structure - there's an overarching plot, but also there's just tons of stuff to do in the world. It's exceptionally beautiful to look at, the combat is really satisfying and I enjoyed the heck out of it - it's one of the few games I've actually 100%ed (platinum trophy) just because I liked spending time in the world.
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Fallout 4 might be worth a try. Some of the boxes it might tick for you:
For many missions, there's more than one way to do it - you can be stealthy, or you can stomp around in power armor blowing up things with a rocket launcher. Stealth is not a primary focus, but you can build a stealth character and be successful.
Lots of missions and side quests.
Large variety of weapons, and there is an extensive weapon modding and crafting system.

I think the story is a bit meh compared to some of the other games in the Fallout series, but there are some interesting vignettes and characters that pop up. Also, it's an odd duck being a FPS RPG with a city-builder added. However, you can mostly ignore the settlement building system if that's not interesting.
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I kinda like Destiny 2, and you can play it for free these days.

You can do missions, or (try to) follow the storyline. Or you can just do 15-20 minute matches PVP, or PVE, etc.
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If you're open to old games, and they are available, the Tom Clancy Splinter Cell games are engrossing.
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Here to second the Dishonoured series, as well as Wolfenstein. Edit to add: also loved Fallout 4 but it is less story-focused.
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Maybe more linear/less story than you'd like but I enjoyed Doom 2016 and it is pretty cheap for the digital download.
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Nthing Fallout4 and Control and Prey. Especially Prey if you played/liked the Dead Space games on PS3.
The Borderlands games, while somewhat lacking in stealth, are just so much zany, explody fun. All the weapons are procedurally generated and crazy as hell. There's also lots of vehicle/driving parts that are like demolition derby+missle mayhem. You can pick up 'the handsome collection' (borderlands 2 and 'the pre-sequel') for cheap. The presequel is probably my favorite.. you get 'Oz kits' which let you jump high in the air and smash down, splashing fire/acid/ice etc. The art style is truly inspired... toon shaded, but more like a punk rock graphic novel and the stories are both fun and funny. Also it's in outer space, with lots of cool scenery, switching between open world areas and tightly crafted levels. There's multiple characters to choose from (as well as some of the weirdest NPCs around) so it's very replayable. I just got B3 and will probably get up in it tonight.. I def need to blow some shit all to hell.
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I played the heck out of Just Cause 3 when it was the PS Plus free game of the month. Lots of side missions that you can do stealth, or you can blow stuff up (or you can start out stealth until you get spotted, then you turn *ahem* violent)

It's old, but if you haven't played it, I would recommend checking it out.

Just Cause 4 didn't grab me as much as 3 did for whatever reason.
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If you look story and creeping around in terror, you could do a lot worse than Last Of Us and Last Of Us 2.
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Now that I think about it, if cyberpunk is your jam, you would probably really like Deus Ex (another one that's come down in price significantly). It's one of those games where the outcome/story changes if you choose a stealth vs. full-frontal approach. The story, about the civil rights battle over 'augments', ultimately didn't click for me, being a bit dry/serious for my tastes, but the stealth options are really well done (in most games I ignore them lol... In borderlands it's more 'stealth until they catch you'), the augmentations are cool, and the world design is very slick and futuristic. I'm really just throwing it out as an option, Prey does all those things better and it's story is a total trip.
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Ratchet and Clank would probably make you happy. Lots of great, weird weapons that evolve over time and cool explosions.
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Death Stranding? It's the new game by Kojima. Though I gather it's not exactly MGS6...
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Thank you so much to all of you. I've already downloaded an Uncharted and a Dishonored and will probably try to play several of these along with Cyberpunk 2077 before Far Cry 6 comes out in a few months. For anyone who hasn't played any Far Crys (Cries?) yet (they're FPS), they're great stories and have so many outposts to stealth. FC4 is gorgeous and such a great story, FC5 is freaky deaky and a shitton of fun. I will come back and mark more as best answers once I've tried the game. I've really upped the amount of time I spend gaming since quarantine started and it really keeps me out of trouble ;)
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also the voice and face actor/ big bad guy for the upcoming FC6 is Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring on BB and BCS) and his work (as seen in the trailers) is amazing.
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Maybe the Mass Effect games?
The later ones are much shooterier, but I think they'd all fit the bill.
Rocket launchers aplenty, all the missions and side quests, and a choice of playstyles.
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If far cry is your jam, then definitely definitely definitely pick up fallout 4. The base game is only like $10. (There's a ton of add-ons in the GOTY edition, but the base game is HUGE, and you can pick them up later if you like) It's a big open world like far cry, set in the post-nuclear future of an alternate reality where all the wet dreams of the cold-war 50s came true.. flying atomic cars, household robots, etc. The weapons are great too, in addition to the standard rifles and machine guns, there's laser, plasma and sonic weapons, railroad spike cannons, mini-nuke catapults, etc
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Oooo Fallout 4 seems totally up my alley. I'm going to buy it right now. Thank you, sexyrobot! I just looked at some reviews and descriptions and watched some gameplay on youtube, really looks good.

Since my answer earlier today I've downloaded and played (for an hour or so) Dishonored, and hate it. I also just looked in my library of purchased games on my PS4 and Dishonored 2 is in there and I hated that one too....haha. They seem so amateurish and plodding. Annndddd I already own Control also, was not impressed with it a year ago, played it again for an hour today also, and still feel very meh about it. Might play for another hour or so tomorrow to see if it grabs me. Just extra info in case anyone with tastes similar to my own follows along here ;)
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Another update for folks who might be searching along the same lines: The online PS store has free demos where you can try out games for a good 5-6 hours, which is pretty damn cool. Last night I tried Watchdogs 2 and Hitman 2 and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Watchdogs and Hitman are actually pretty good, but I felt there was too much ok now go here and do this, now go over there and do that ...I felt too led around, not free, didn't feel open world, a bit confining, a bit claustrophobic. Ghost Recon is fantastic. Exactly what I like. It's an open world, third person shooter that doesn't spoon feed you every second. I like that it has stealth aspects and you can play as either a man or woman with lots of diversity as to your look, cool weapons and you get to sneak up on baddies and kill them if you choose, or you can just try to avoid them and continue on your merry way. I've discovered after playing several games in the past few days that I just don't like games that seem to take place mainly indoors, which is why I probably will give Control and Hitman 2 a pass.
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