Help Me Get out of LA and Reboot
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The closer we get to election week, the more I realize how badly I want to get out of Dodge for a bit. I'm not healthy right now; I don't exercise, I sit all day, and I spend most of my time getting a digital tan. It would be great to go somewhere that would jump start my ability to just live again. Where in LA or a few hours north of LA could I go to reboot?

I live in Los Angeles. I don't want to go south because I have lived everywhere south. I miss museums, the beach, fresh air, and being around people (but more in a coffee shop way.) I am not super outdoorsy so camping isn't my thing, but staying somewhere near nature and/or the beach would be great. I recognize that this is very last minute so if this is just me taking a 4 hour round trip excursion this weekend and on election day to somewhere pretty, that's ok.

I need to detox from unhealthy food, from sleeping all day, from being on my phone playing games, and from believing I don't have it in me to exercise. I need something to look forward to and be excited about.

Any recs on somewhere(s) I could go that might address some of those needs?
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Santa Barbara might be a good place to go...
And a fun place to plan to travel to.
I suggest that you take your time to enjoy the planning of this trip. It might be a good way to decompress before you even leave the driveway.
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My partner and I had to figure out secondary plans for our anniversary while the state was in flames. We ended up in Carpinteria and it was lovely. Walkable, lots of coffee shops and outdoor restaurants, an easy walk from your hotel to the beach, small and chill and not horrendously expensive. We loved it.
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My favorite nearby getaways are Lake Arrowhead (or Crestline, which seems to have more amenities if you want to stay and have meals and stuff) and Joshua Tree. There's probably a leaf report somewhere that will say for sure, but possibly there's even some fall color now on the way up to Arrowhead or Big Bear.

For a long drive, I actually prefer LA-Arrowhead(ish) by going up north and coming back down around the back of Angeles National Forest, so 405 or 5 to 14 to 138. I know the drive through on the 2 is generally fantastic, but I'm not sure what the fire situation is right now. Anyway, I think it's an interesting drive, you pass through half a dozen geological shifts and hit the corner of the high desert.

I'm sure that you can find airbnbs in most places on those routes, especially if you avoid bigger year-round tourist areas - I wouldn't go to Santa Barbara or Palm Springs right now, the mountains are probably in a lull (unless there really is fall color) before the snow falls and likely to have some deals unless everyone else is fleeing for the hills for the election too.

There are multiple places on the Kern river where you can rent an on-site river-adjacent RV, all set up for you and powered and watered. I've been tempted, they can arrange it all more or less no-contact, and it looks really pretty. Seems like a nice way to hole up with some books for several days and just cook, read, sleep, and meander riverside as the mood strikes.
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It's a long drive, but Big Sur is gorgeous and a good place to hike.
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I just answered this question a couple of days ago but: go to Morro Bay.
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