Alternative venues for online classes.
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What non-zoom/meet/teams online meeting systems are you using to teach classes?

I'm sick of the existing systems, and would like something fresh(er) to capture students' attention. I recently posted about Roguelike Celebration's experiment with a MUD-like conference, and other people posted about Gather, etc., and got to thinking about what alternatives exist? My students are design majors, not a lot of deep techies, ITMAD.
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Response by poster: Whatever system I use has to allow them to share their screen.
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I really disliked Gather. I really like Jitsi Meet, though I haven't used it for a class. It's free and web-based, so it might be something worth looking into to see whether it might work for you. Just like Google Hangouts, it tends to get the computer fan going. It's not exactly an alternate venue in terms of user experience, though, as it's pretty similar to Zoom, Hangouts Meet, and Microsoft Teams.
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Are your students sick of the existing system? Because ... some people are tired of bopping around to different systems. If you're just fatigued with it, and it's working okay, I'd ask your students for their take first.
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I have heard good things about flipgrid, but as bluedaisy just posted I'm a little leery of adding yet one more thing. My students have to manage Zoom, Drive, and Moodle for my courses, but the university failed to unify around one LMS so they may also have to use one or two other LMSs for other courses (Manaba or Webclass). Screen recording possible.
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They are all equally terrible in their own ways, and there is not a simple answer. I use webex and blackboard collaborate daily, and webex is mostly ok?
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