Razr as Blackberry Handset?
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I recently was given a Blackberry 7290 and a Moto Razr for work. Each has its own phone number. Both have bluetooth. Is it possible to use the Razr as a BT handset to answer calls made to the Blackberry? That is to say can I use Bluetooth to answer both phone numbers with the Razr? How?
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Why don't you just set up call forwarding from your blackberry number to your RAZR number? This seems much simpler, does not require bluetooth or even for the two phones to be anywhere near each other. I'm in a similar position and use this all the time - though in my case it is so I can just carry the blackberry and get all of my calls regardless.
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AFAIK, it is not possible to do this via bluetooth. Even if you could hack it somehow it would be inconvenient compared to what pascal suggests. Just call divert and you'll be all set. Of course you'll pay for the diverted call but presumably your company will cover that anyway.
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Response by poster: My service provider doesn't let me change my call forwarding on the phone. My employer is huuuuge and doesn't let us make modifications to phone plans (which is how the provider makes call forwarding work) There is also the issue of needing the voice mailboxes of each to be different.
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Isn't it possible to buy a universal BT headset to be used for both phones? Then, with each incoming call, pair the headset with that phone.
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call forwarding can be set in the phone itself. its not something in the 'plan" to modify, to my knoweledge.

perhaps you could pair the same headset to work with both? (like a bluetooth headset that would allow two pairings?)
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Response by poster: When I try to change call forwarding in the phone it won'e allow the change. I'm presuming the provider locked it up. Thanks for the BT headset suggestions, but I don't like them and I like seeing who is calling.
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leftoverboy is right, call forwarding is controlled at the network level - when you set it through your phone's UI, you are just sending a command to the network to set it up. If the network doesn't like that, your are pretty much out of luck.
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