Fun YouTube channels in French?
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I hired a French tutor to help me pass a test. I have passed it. The French tutor thinks so I don’t need any more help with grammar and mechanics, and then I just need to expose myself to more language and watch/listen for fun. Looking for recommendations!

The test was to help me achieve a certain proficiency level for my job, so I am a little bit used to thinking of French as being work and job related. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around just enjoying it for fun. He suggested that I start with trying to find the French equivalents of whatever goofing around on Youtube I do already. Here are my current favourite YouTube black holes. What can you recommend like this in French?

1) People who live in unusual/interesting houses (eg Exploring Alternatives)
2) Cooking stuff, especially cooking for/with kids (eg Tasty)
3) People with interesting families (Kara & Nate, Five Two Love)
4) Reviews of toys and kitchen gadgets (TTPM, Barry)
5) Listicle-esque (Cut, HiHo Kids)
6) People react to TV shows about their expertise (Mama Doctor Jones)
7) Art tutorials (Jazza, Chloe Rose)

Open to other suggestions! My main criteria is that I don’t want to feel like I am studying anymore. I want this to be about learning how to experience this as a fun thing, because that is the only way I’m going to get more practice.
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For your category 7, the French cartoonist Boulet has un site Web génial, and he's on Youtube. (More often on Twitch, but there's plenty to explore on Youtube.)
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Ok i can't really fit this one in any of your categories as it is, but you must try Tutotal. It's hilarious "movie reviews" pasted together from borrowed tutorials from other YouTubers, from nail artists to gardeners and more, and dubbed in french on top of it. If i ever need a cheer up i watch those.
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I might be one of the few people who think watching the news is fun, but the French feed of 24-hour cable news network France 24 is a great way to learn the language and current events at the same time, and you have the contextual clues of already being familiar with the faces and topics. If you can't access the network's direct feed from above, it also streams continuously on Youtube, or even better-- go to the channel and find the little two or three minute segments they do on various topics-- sports, environment, science, etc. This lets you pick bite sized chunks in a topic you are interested in. Sadly, I don't see French captioning on many of these, which would really kick up your language learning, but you might get lucky. Anyway, have fun with it!
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I don't have tips for your specific categories, but:

If you search 'arte france' on youtube you'll get documentaries long and short on every possible subject you can imagine. Watch whatever seems intriguing!

Searching simply 'documentaire' will bring up even more but of perhaps more inconsistent quality. For when you feel adventurous!

My favorite French-language daily news show is actually the 19h30 from Belgium at (Unfortunately not on youtube.) It seems to get more into local culture and people than the corresponding shows from France and is in general just more entertaining somehow. There are frequently little travel segments on destinations in Belgium. As far as I can make out the French used is just as standard as what you hear in shows from the hexegon.

If you want daily news with a more international focus, I like the arte journal (also not on youtube.)
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I do not speak French but am very intrigued about Top Chef France which I think you can watch on YouTube. Sadly for me, I could not find any English subtitles.
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I don't think this fits into any of your categories, but science popularizer Jamy Gourmaud did a brief daily video during the spring confinement that was so popular he's continuing, with a new video every other Saturday.

I thought the A musee vous, A musee moi videos were hilarious. Here's Mona Lisa calling her agent to get a better contract with the Louvre.

Also, talking cat videos.
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The Avez-vous déjà vu..? playlist is a bunch of short funny videos in French (though a few don't have actual words per se).
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