dried fava bean recipes
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I have impulse-purchased some dried fava beans from Bob's Red Mill and I'm looking for good recipes to make later this week. After Googling I'm feeling drawn to this recipe for Bessara but I'm interested in any other recommendations! I've only ever made fava beans fresh before.
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Ful medames? Plenty of recipes out there; it's a tasty dish with an interesting and murky history.
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Dried fava beans are often used in felafel recipes
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We're all thinking it, so I'm just going to go ahead and say it: with liver and a nice Chianti?
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Are these beans already peeled and split? If so, go for the bessara as it is super tasty and it's easy to make. If they are not peeled, check out ful medames recipes? Peeling (cooked) dried fava beans is a pain, something I learned the hard way.
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The Mexican version is sopa de habas, fava bean soup, which usually has garlic and tomato and sometimes other things. Most of the flavor comes from the beans themselves, which make their own thick and rich broth.
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