How do I stream videos to a Facebook Live stream?
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What are the ways to show videos on Facebook Live from a Facebook Page?

I am going to go live from a Facebook Page, and I would like to show some videos to the audience that is watching. These videos would be from twitter, instagram, etc, and I would like to show them from a web browser (although that isn't essential).

How can I set it up so that I can stream these videos to Facebook Live?
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We had some success doing this through Zoom, which allows you to stream directly to a Facebook feed. By doing a screen share from your end you could show videos, but be warned that videos play at a bad frame rate when shown through screen share (though the audio works fine).
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BuddhaInABucket - Are you referring to the webinar feature to Facebook Live, or something else?
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It looks like the Zoom -> Facebook Live option costs an extra $400, so I’m looking for an alternative.
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Ah, yes I was referring to that. Sorry I can’t be more help!
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The improv theater I perform with uses a standard Zoom call that is remixed with additional graphics and media in OBS then streamed to Facebook Live. Technically, we stream to so that we can go to Twitch and Facebook at the same time but that isn’t required.
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You want the OBS Project browser capture source. OBS can pull in all sorts of video capture sources (media files, web cams, stuff on your screen, etc) and then stream it live to wherever it needs to go. The built in support for Facebook streaming makes that side of it super simple.
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