Help me find a cute electric bike
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Yes, the cuteness is important! I went to a bike shop and found an amazing electric bike, The LaFree E+ 2 electric bike in seafoam green. I test rode it and really loved it. They only had small in stock (which is what I rode) and I need a medium. But apparently the color has been discontinued...

I want the bike as a casual, around-town ride. I love the idea of an electric bike, and would use the extra power to be able to keep up with my very sporty friends and do fun group rides around the area, as well as to be able to ride more hilly trails than I might otherwise attempt. I like the step-through element. But I also really want the cute seafoam color, it turns out, or something similar.

I've been checking on Craigslist and eBay to no avail. The idea of spending that much money only to then have to figure out how to paint a bike seems ridiculous. I'm wondering if there are other brands that might make similar bikes with the color that I want. Even if I have to sacrifice a little bit of quality, this is a recreational bike, so that's honestly okay.
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Take a look at Trek's Townie Go! series. I've never ridden one so I can't vouch for their performance, but Trek is a reputable company and they are pretty dang cute.
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I'm not sure where you're located, but I've seen Faraday pedal assist bikes on Craigslist in California.

They're also discontinued, but super cute with bamboo fenders and caramel leather seats/handlebars. I've had one for three and a half years with few issues.

Biggest thing about ebikes is that they are HEAVY. Not an issue with riding it, because of the boost, but a pain if your bike rack is on your roof or you need to store it on your second floor balcony.

As for keeping up with your sporty friends ... you're gonna leave them in the dust.
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I have a Faraday Cortland and I LOVE it, but unfortunately they don't make them anymore. Story has a similar looking step through bike and it even comes in seafoam green.
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Lectric makes a really classy foldable e-bike that seems perfect for you. I know someone who has one and I pondered one myself for settling on a Pedago Trail Tracker (which is about twice the price and made more for mountain biking).
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I bought a Gazelle EasyFlow. It’s not seafoam green but it’s a pretty bike in a pretty blue that you might like. It has a wonderful deep step through and is plenty powerful—I live in a very hilly area and have ridden a La Free too and the Gazelle is no compromise. It’s a quality Dutch bike.
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I haven't tried one, but I think Benno's RemiDemi is really cute in yellow, and it's a step-through too.

Gazelle's bikes are great!
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Aesthetics are important to me, too, and in my own ebike search Faraday and VanMoof floated to the top of the list as being both versatile and attractive. The Faradays look more classic, and have some colors that are close to seafoam and the VanMoofs look more futuristic and come in white and black. Both work well when the battery dies and aren't stupid heavy, which are the other important characteristics to me.
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An e-bike with a similar color: this Riese and Muller bike is available in a slightly lighter shade.

It's more expensive than the Giant model, but would be a much nicer ride I think. I'd worry about having the heavy battery so high up back there - it's in the downtube on the R&M, much closer to your center of gravity.
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If you're not entirely opposed to painting a bike and don't find a better option, makes some really nice products and offers detailed instructions. It'll take a few hours of work spread over the course of a day or two and some place to work with ventilation.
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