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Where can I buy a print of C3PO Descending A Staircase by John Mattos?

I don't know if it was ever made for sale, but I'd love to have a poster. I'd prefer not to email the artist directly unless that's the only way to get the answer.
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Why wouldn't you want to email the artist? I love being contacted by people who want to buy my work. Do it.
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I don't know why you don't want to email the artist directly (probably your best bet), but would you feel better emailing the artist's rep?

I'm glad you posted this. He does nice work!
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It's a case of guess culture at work, plus I don't want to enquire only to be told that it's for sale at a price far more than I can afford! But I hear y'all - it may be the only way if all of mefi resources don't turn up any result.
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