What is the command string or path for forcing processing of local loop audio in Winamp?
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What is the command / string / path for piping local audio through Winamp? IE, I want Winamp to run whatever is being output through my soundcard, Multi-media soundsystem or DirectSound as wave through it's DSPs.

I remember that it is something like \\: or :\ or something, and that you input this value into the "open location" dialog. People use this function to broadcast other sources via Shoutcast, or to run audio streams through various audio or video DSP plugins. (Say, DFX audio enhancer, AVS visualizations, diskWriter for writing out streams, or, as above the Shoutcast broadcast plugin.)
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Best answer: linein:// in the "Open Location" field takes whatever the current system "Recording Input" is set to, if that's what you mean.

So, for instance, in windows Volume Control set the "Recording Source" to "Wave Out Mix" or whatever yours may call it, then in Winamp open "linein://", and Winamp will take that as input.
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Response by poster: That's what it was. Awesome, thank you.
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