Sought: unicorn leggings. Not literally.
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I need quality leggings for the winter. I know what I want, but I don't know how to shop online for it. Snowflake details inside.

I am looking for good black leggings warm enough to wear under a long sweater this winter.

Specifically, I think I'm after:
-fleece-lined (I assume this = warm, although it that's not required I'm open to hearing that)
-really, really matte - all the ones I've found that are lined have had this awful scratchy texture on the outside and been weirdly shiny
-capri- / 7/8-length or in petite sizes for my 28" inseam (I am too old to be turning leggings under so that they're short enough)

Do you have leggings you love? Or can you at least help me narrow down what I'm trying to order? I keep guessing incorrectly and ordering leggings that are all wrong, and after my last online purchase of what can best be described as "shiny yoga pants, but for jazz dancers," I am OVER this quest and I will pay to be done with it before it gets properly cold. Thank you!
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I actually recommend fleece leggings (rather than fleece-lined) to avoid all the weirdo materials - CuddlDuds are probably the original but I don't know if they come in capri or petite anywhere.

Also look for "sueded", which is another texture I like though if you have pets it is kinda sticky for pet hair.

My friends in really cold climates seem to prefer to pick leggings they like but are probably a smidge too thin and then augment with heavy tights underneath. There's also fleece-lined jeggings, which I find indistinguishable from leggings if they're dark black.
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Seconding Cuddleduds!
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I don't think they're literally fleece-lined but they are fleece-adjacent: Uniqlo extra warm leggings. I own like four pairs of these and wear them all winter under dresses/skirts and as a base layer under jeans when it's extra cold. (My one caveat is that if you, like me, have big thighs, they will pill along that seam. They're comfortable enough that I don't super care, but ymmv.)
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Oh, and inseam on those ranges from 28"-29" depending on the size. I am 5'4" and they come to an inch or two above my ankle.
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Another possible workaround that I use is to wear fleece-lined tights under regular thin leggings. Solves the problem of being too long in the inseam and gives you a lot more options for the outer layer. I have worn the Target branded ones (A New Day) for the past couple winters and love them.
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I have 2 pairs of the LuluLemon Wunder Unders (they have a few different lengths). They are not fleece lined but I find them to be very warm. I have had one pair since 2012, and the other since 2015 and have lasted through washes and multiple seasons.
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I have a 26.5" inseam and survived 23 New England winters, and my ride-or-die winter fleece leggings are the "plush velvet lining" ones you can get at Primark. My prior gushing review.

This person has pictures of the Primark velvet legging label and what the insides and cuffs and outside look like.

The major caveat for pandemic times: they do not ship, alas. But in case you're in a location with a Primark and can risk in-person shopping at the moment (or can get someone who lives near one and who can do in-person shopping right now to pick some up for you), I highly, highly recommend them. $8. I fit the M size (waistline too big for the S).

In context of the previous answers, these are going to be significantly thicker (they mean it when they say "plush!") than CuddlDuds, Uniqlo, Smartwool, Icebreaker. I have tried different legging types of all of those brands. They were emphatically not warm enough for me to wear an outfit like the one you want to wear, and I run pretty warm, relatively speaking; YMMV. (The CuddlDuds were the softest, though, and make excellent pajamas.) I am still able to wear them under standard trousers as needed, though.
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I have these fleece lined leggings from Lands’ End that come in petite. They are warm and cuddly, and I love love love love them. In fact, just today I was thinking of getting another pair, since I have been living in my current pair since the weather turned cool. I am a 28” inseam, like you, and the petite fit me perfectly.
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Just bought fleece lined ones from H&M. Pros: very comfy, matte, 3 for 2 special pricing. Cons: extra long. You could easily get them altered though and that might be worth it given the accessible H&M price point?
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