Is there a way to continuously share a link on Zoom?
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I am teaching on Zoom.

When my students come into class, I usually have an activity for them to work on in Google Classroom while I take attendance. Obviously I can tell them to go to Classroom and work on that assignment, but I'd rather not have to give those instructions over and over again. Some students also get overwhelmed if they have to find the assignment. Ideally, I could post the link to the assignment in a way that the students could click on it and go straight there. I can post the link in the chat, but that doesn't help students who come in slightly late, and I wind up posting it again. Is there a way to post a link to Zoom that will be there throughout the class? Thanks all!
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I have not found a great way of dealing with this. What I do:
- Put instructions up on the screen (shared) while folks are coming in to class. (I also play music!)
- I share the link in Zoom chat ... and then I do it again ... and again ... (sigh)
- I also share in a non-Zoom channel. In my case this is Slack (adult students) but Google Clasroom.
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I do what feckless does, and also paste it on our daily agenda in our LMS (Canvas) so they can get to it from there too. I guess you could also use a link shortener so people don’t actually have to click the link, which might save you the pasting it over and over step?
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If you use a link shortener, you could put the link in your Zoom background and students could type it in. I have not experience with this, just a brainstorm.
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I'm not an experienced Zoom user, but I hear of people who are changing their display names. Could you change your name to "Prof. Chaiminda" where you swap in the shortened URL?

When I'm generating a short URL for someone to type (as opposed to copy/paste or just click on), avoid URLs with 1 and I and O and 0. Those are the frequent offenders when it comes to some font rendering them indistinguishable, and thus ripe for mis-typing. You never know how the other person's computer will display the URL. If you do use a method like adding it to your background, choose a font which makes it very clear which is which.
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I have a plain old google doc that I use as a whiteboard in Zoom for the whole semester. On the first day, all the students get a link to it, so they go to that document before each class, see the day's agenda (with links) and download anything they need.
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Google slides presentations are your answer. I use one every day as an agenda setter. links can shorthand link, but I also number every activity and material. It’s easy to say “go to assignment 27” when every one is labeled “27 — pulmonary system notes” or whatever. A link helps make it doubly easy for students.

I use the present screen/slide feature for nearly everything, including when I’m away from keyboard. I appear somewhat small in the sea of attendee boxes, but the giant blinking lights of “pay attention to this” from a screen share solves most problems. I teach high school juniors, and the only ones with problems are the ones who walk away from the computer and miss the giant blinking red lights in the screen share.
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Type what you want in a text doc and share your screen, just like a blackboard.
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What age group are you teaching? I teach middle schoolers and telling them “there’s an assignment in Classroom” causes no stress, even among highly incapable students. It certainly sound less stressful than using a URL shortener or asking them to find documents shared with them.
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