Blister bluster
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I have a blood blister under my second toe. It eventually pops (by which time the blood is all dried, so no mess), and then starts to reform. So far this cycle has repeated three times. It doesn't hurt at all. Is this something I should worry about? Is it something that has a name that I could look up somewhere? Thanks for any info.
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The blood blister is usually caused by rubbing or pinching. You can find a variety of little pads that you can place where the blister forms to get some extra protection. Also check to make sure your shoes are giving your toes enough space. If the shoe is too short or too narrow, it might cause the toe to rub in ways that you wouldn't normally expect.
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Should you Worry? No, that doesn't sound immediately worrying to me. But something that's weird, involving feet that doesn't hurt, often can start to hurt, and then that goes from concerning to Worrying. That's an upgrade we can't afford in this current climate. Maybe it's not ideal to get to a podiatrist right now, but you might be able to try telemedicine if conventional wisdom falls flat?
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Have you changed you shoes, socks, or movement habits? I’d guess there’s something new that is causing new friction there. It doesn’t seem infected, right? The next time it pops I’d take a good look at whether there might be a little splinter or other foreign object, but I bet it’s footwear or activity related.
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Are your feet cold? Look up Raynaud's syndrome. My symptoms were similar to what you describe.
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Just to answer some direct questions:
  1. I haven't changed shoes, but maybe that's the problem -- my sneakers (which I wear 90% of the time) are getting pretty old, so maybe I need to change them.
  2. Definitely not Raynaud syndrome (I looked it up, as semisalt suggested). My feet are no colder than usual.

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