NYC Moving Company Recs?
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I'll be moving one bedroom's worth of stuff, plus a desk and computer, from one Brooklyn neighborhood to another -- about two miles. Looking for first or second-hand recommendations of affordable moving companies that have been doing a good job in the Current Circumstance. Moving by the end of the month, because I'm in hell.

My big priorities here are reliability, safety, and expense. I need them to show up when they're supposed to, I need them to take mask wearing seriously (I have roommates and my new building is very conservative), and I'm operating on a tight budget. I've used Flat Rate Movers in the past, but that was about a decade ago. I'd be happy to work with a smaller "man with a van" type mover if they're vouched for, especially given how small a move this is.

Possibly relevant details: I will have packed all my own belongings and disassembled furniture. The new place is a 4th floor walkup. Most of what I'll be moving is boxes, since I own very little furniture -- a couple of bookshelves, a bed, a chest of drawers, a side table, a desk.
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I asked my friends this just yesterday.

The three consensus options were:

1) Piece of Cake Moving seems like the most professional but more expensive (2 brs $1500). probably the one most likely for safety.
2) Sungshim Moving super cheap, recommended by people (all korean though). $500 to move from Hells kitchen to brooklyn (for a 1 BR)
3)NYC Move. Recommended, more expensive than #2 but less than #1.

I don't know how these guys mask wearing are like.
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I used Big John's Moving company a few months ago and they were professional, timely, and efficient. They overquoted me, even when they helped me do some last minute packing. Their rates were reasonable, but not necessarily cheap. Couldn't hurt to get a quote at least.
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Not an official moving company, but I hired a TaskRabbit in August to help me move within the city (to a different borough). Pricing was competitive in comparison to a real moving company (I received many many quotes from companies) and you can easily select Taskers that have high reliability ratings. Mine showed up early, with a mask and finished the job early as well. I moved from a regular building to a much fancier one and had no issue on either end.
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Recommend getting a quote from Bellhop which is sort of a broker service that connects you to movers/ loaders/ unloaders. I just used Bellhop to set up a big move on short notice from Washington DC to NH and had a good experience.
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Seconding Big John's. They've done around four of my last five moves and they're great -- very professional. They're a bit more expensive than some others I've used, but they're worth every penny. Caveat: I used them before Covid, but as I said, they're very professional, so I would imagine they're following protocols.
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I, and many people I know, have used Sven Movers for this sort of move. (Not sure about the mask wearing, but they were super nice)
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It’s been a few years since I used their services, but Lightning Van was reasonably priced, reliable and efficient.
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Sweet Lou Moves You!

Ah, sorry, posted before I could add: I used them in August and they were cheap, good, and supremely chill. Flexible when my moving date got changed, and super efficient. It was the best moving experience I’ve ever had.
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Came here to rec Sweet Lou. Just used them 3 weeks ago in Bk. They were as fast as could be, took apart and resembled my bed, fit an incredible amount of stuff in one trip, masked up, nice, shockingly affordable.
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Ended up booking with Sweet Lou, but all of these were incredibly helpful, thank you!!!
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