Wallace Shawn without his lisp?
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Wallace Shawn has a lisp, but I have a definite memory of seeing him on screen speaking without a lisp, pronouncing perfectly normal esses. Unfortunately, my definite memory does not include details such as the show or movie. Does anyone else have a similar memory but with more information?

I'm pretty sure it's a real memory, not a remembered dream, but who knows.
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"Symposium on semantics" lol. Nice find, @jabah. Not the scene I was looking for (never saw Manhattan) but this increases the probability that my memory is real, not imagined. Keep 'em coming.
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It’s been forever since I saw it, but maybe My Dinner With Andre?
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No, I saw My Dinner with Andre again recently and he definitely has the lisp.
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Maybe just look to his older movies? Atlantic City maybe? I can't find his clip from Prick Up Your Ears.
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You've sent me down quite the Google rabbit hole
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I don't think he had a lisp when he was on The Cosby Show?
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Thanks everyone! I didn't find the scene I remembered, but at least I know that WS can apparently turn his lisp on or off at will, which is what I really wanted to know.
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