Find This Deceased Home Blog?
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This blog would have been up somewhere in the 2006-2012 range. It was a DIY home blog. The name of the blog was something involving the savagery of nature -- tooth and claw, bone and claw, red in tooth and claw, something like that (but I'm pretty sure none of those). The aesthetic of the (female) blogger was sort of gothic, colonialist, and she might have been British. Lots of fake tiger skins on the floor, dark jewel-toned hues, imposing leather chairs, and so on. I have a vivid memory of a blog post she did with incredible faux bois and faux malachite finishes on a thrifted dresser.

I haven't been able to find the picture on the web at all, so I think the blog was actually taken down -- but maybe you can find it on the Wayback Machine? If only I could remember the URL or the name.... I know it's a long-shot, but does this ring a bell for anyone?
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Search for these terms on tumblr and Pinterest?
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Design Sponge used to be the place I found a lot of interior bloggers. That site is no longer active, but it looks like you can still see a lot of the designers and bloggers they featured on
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Good starting points may be the (now) professional UK makers with that aesthetic:
Divine Savages
Muck & Brass
Cowboy Kate
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Perhaps hunt.and.scavenge? Lots on Pinterest, Facebook and Insta connections.
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