Did you buy furniture on Chairish? How did it go?
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I found a piece of large wooden furniture on Chairish that I love! Even with shipping costs, the price is right, but I'm nervous about damage or other transit problems, especially because the item would be coming from the opposite coast. The Chairish reviews I can find are pretty bad, too. (On the other hand, I also read a ton of Carvana horror stories, but ended up having a great experience with them.) Anyone ever buy from Chairish? Should I do it?
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I bought a table & chair from two different sellers on Chairish. Both used uship for shipping -- essentially independent contractors with vans. In the case of the chair I was a little surprised to see that it wasn't packaged or, like, swaddled in any way -- it had just been sitting in the back of this dude's van as he drove it across the country. But in any case both pieces arrived undamaged. I get the impression that uship is kinda like uber/lyft -- there is some vetting, but there's still a wide spectrum among deliverers, which might explain some of the bad reviews.
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