Anyone have experience working for the VoteBlue PAC?
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On a tip from a relative I applied for a short-term $20/hour canvassing position at an organization called VoteBlue. I'd love the work, but have questions about working for a company I can find no information about at all. Does anyone know about VoteBlue? Are they legit? Who are they? etc

The site talks about being progressive, but I can't find out who started it or is funding it, and an ICANN domain search reveals nothing except that the web site was created on September 1st, 2020. calls it a SuperPAC but there's no record of any donations it's made or donors it has. I'd like to know who'll be signing my paycheck before I sign on. Am I being too suspicious?
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I reached out to someone who wants to be anonymous that's in charge of something higher up in the Democratic party, "Just looks like a field operation. Don't know why it would be fake but I also don't know them at all"
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It's good that you are wanting to do your research. I haven't personally heard of them, but one thing you could do is Google "LinkedIn VoteBlue" and see who pops up. I saw profiles pop up who looked like standard political staffer types. If you get to the interview process, you'll know the name of the person interviewing you and you can research them that way. Also be savvy about the types of things they are asking you to do, i.e. if they are giving you information you could do a quick google to doublecheck.
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From the OP:
I went ahead with the application and was told by the onboarding person that VoteBlue is a project owned/run by an organization called The Outreach Team, which has a web site with pictures of actual humans and everything. Seems legit. Thanks for the help!
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