B.B.B. does not mean Better Business Bureau
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What does B.B.B. mean on my Google Pixel 4XL start-up screen?

On my start-up screen for my Verizon Google Pixel, right below the time and date are a series of icons and letters. Recently the letters have been B.B.B. Nothing happens when I touch or click on the letters or icons. I am unable to get a screenshot of this initial screen. Does anyone have any idea what the B.B.B.'s meaning and purpose is?
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There's a firmware for the Pixel 4XL that includes "bbb" as part of the string (full: 2d2325dbbbd60f90b79c46397e2201e6f0980d5d896962689031a64ac3ac5270).

Actually there are multiple with that string, not just the one pasted above. One is even the last three characters, so probably that would make more sense.
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Did you buy the phone second hand or do you mess around with custom ROMS? There's a BBBAndroid custom ROM that could possibly be used on that Pixel (although on a quick search I can't actually find a build for that exact phone, so this is a long shot).
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"bbb" is a placeholder value in Android build number codes, so it's possible someone forgot to put in the updated code when they built your current OS version.

According to that spec:
"bbb identifies individual versions related to the same date code, sequentially starting with 001."

So I guess if they only did one build that date they might have left it blank and got the default "bbb" by accident.
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Instructions to check the build number on the Verizon Pixel 4XL are here, so if there's a BBB or bbb in there somewhere that's probably it.
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Check in settings>lock screen>contact information. Samsung android here, but that position on the screen might be the same...It's like a thing you type whatever you want (like contact info in case you lose your phone). If that's it, my guess is you butt-dialed the message bbb into that spot. Or the custom rom (if that's the culprit) might have changed it during install, as self-advertising.
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What sexyrobot said. On my 4XL, it's settings > display > lock screen > add text on lock screen. I do the same thing, mine reads, "if you find me: xxx@yyy.com."
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