Recommendations for good Hebrew TV and movies?
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Trying to find Hebrew TV and movies to help a partner improve their listening and comprehension.

I am trying to find recommendations for modern Hebrew TV and movies for my partner. They are trying to learn modern Hebrew and want to get more experience listening and comprehending conversations. Any shows or movies that are good? I know "good" is pretty subjective. In general, they like dramas, mysteries, etc. Things that might have subtitles also would be great.
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A movie I really loved was One Week and a Day (or Shavua ve Yom)
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Fauda is problematic and trashy, but if you’ve got the stomach for the likes of Homeland and 24, it’s a pretty good example of that.
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Shtisel (Netflix) has been well reviewed, I haven't watched it though.
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I liked Our Boys a lot. It's an Israeli police procedural cum trial drama mini-series. Very psychologically agonizing but also very well done. The first episode is an introduction; it really gets going in episode two.
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I think they have already seen Fauda and Shisel but thank you for the recommendations.
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I saw a few episodes of False Flag at a Jewish film festival and enjoyed it (I was reading subtitles). At the time, we could not find a way to watch more episodes, but now it looks like Hulu Premium has it?
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I quite liked Zero Motivation. Black humour, and a tight, tight script.
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Arab Labor is a great show that switches between Hebrew and Arabic, but I can't find anywhere to stream it (I'm selfishly commenting on this thread in hopes someone will find a way!).

Seconding Our Boys.
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Noodle Is an absolutely delightful movie and as a modern Hebrew learner I found it quite good for understanding snippets of conversations which was very motivating.
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Srugim on Amazon.
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How about a romantic comedy? : Beauty and the baker on Netflix.
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A Borrowed Identity/Dancing Arabs and In Between. Both available on Amazon Prime (US) and elsewhere (I assume). A Borrowed Identity/Dancing Arabs is based on two books (Dancing Arabs and Second Person Singular) by the Arab-Israeli writer Sayed Kashua. In Between tells the story of a group of Arab-Israeli women. Both these movies have dialogue in Arabic and Hebrew.

Also: The Cousin and Scaffolding. Enjoyed both recently.

Oh, seconding Arab Labour (written by Sayed Kashua). Also hoping someone shares a link as I cannot find it.

I’d also highly recommend Piece of Hebrew on YouTube. Short videos by an Israeli guy, from how to cook hummus to movie recommendations etc made especially for high beginner/intermediate level students.
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Seconding Srugim (and Fauda, but you said they saw it already.)
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