Can you identify this movie that involves a bully?
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I saw a series of clips yesterday on a Facebook video, one of those things where they give it a click-baity title like "bully gets what he deserves" and then puts together a few scenes from a movie that is never identified. Nobody in the comments knew what it was either. Maybe you will recognize it? (Obvious spoilers below the break)

There were three scenes in the video, which appeared to be an English language film (I had sound off) featuring white actors. The first was a bog standard "high school kid gets taunted by a bully" clip. The bully had dark curly hair, that's all I remember.

The second scene looked like it was set at a bonfire on a beach at night, with the bully and several friends all drunk. They all urinate on someone who is passed out on the ground. I think maybe it was a girl passed out, but couldn't tell.

The third scene is the one that you will definitely remember if you have ever seen this movie. It is set on a small open boat, with the bully bound and gagged in the forward of the boat while an adult man dispassionately sits at the rear piloting the craft with its outboard motor. There is land in the distant background, the man is piloting straight out to deep water. After about a minute of the bully begging and pleading, the man stands up, picks up the boy, and tosses him overboard to drown. The man never shows any visible emotion at all while he straight-up murders a teenage boy.

What the heck movie is this?
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After Lucia (2012)?
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Definitely it, thank you.
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