What jazz be this?
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I have an old copy of the Hal Leonard Ultimate Jazz Fake Book. Over the years I've noodled through all the songs at least a couple of times. I have at least a vague idea of where all the songs fit in jazz history... all except one. Fool That I Am, written (so far as I can tell) for the 1980 romantic comedy Coast to Coast and performed by Rita Coolidge. Chords, melody and recording style fit into none of the jazz eras or idioms that I'm familiar with. How did it end up in the fake book?
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Maybe it was supposed to be this song with the same name by Etta James, that has more typical jazz changes?
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I do believe that you're right. Taking another look at the index, they list the performer associated with the song as Billy Eckstine. Here is his older recording of the song they probably meant to include. Thanks!

I'm almost disappointed that it was a mere editorial error and not a new world of jazz that I had yet to discover. I wonder how many jazz gigs the Rita Coolidge song has been played at as a result of being included in the fake book.
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