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iBook SE 466 (Clamshell) and iBook 500 (white, G3 processor) - Can I use the Clamshell's DVD drive in the iBook 500?

I have an iBook Clamshell in pieces that I am using for parts (already use it to replace parts on my working iBook Clamshell that is identical) that has a DVD drive in it. I also recently acquired free and for nothing a 500MHz G3 white iBook that I have Tiger running nicely on, but it only has a regular CD-ROM drive on it. I am wondering if I can extract the old 2X DVD drive out of the iBook Clamshell that I am using for parts and put it in the white iBook 500 and have the iBook 500 recognize it and work okee doke with it. Anyone ever done this? Any known reasons it might not work?
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well, i dont know, but check this site:


there might be some pictures there, or some info about the model numbers.
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Yes. They both use a standard size mechanism. The only thing that might cause you problems is attaching the drive cover (the part of the casing on the end of the drawer), because the mounting holes aren't necessarily standard.
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(that's "yes, I think it'll work", not "yes, I've done it")
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Response by poster: Thanks to you both. I'll give it a try for the hell of it. :) Should make a nice afternoon project.
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