Rolling Stone archives?
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Are there any libraries that have Rolling Stone magazine archives from 1975? I have a Boston Public Library card and I need a story for an article that’s due next week.
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It looks like you might be able to get the archives via Google Play?
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Have you tried asking your local librarians? My academic library has basically the equivalent of interlibrary loan for journal articles, where my institution's librarian will, I assume, put out some sort of library bat signal and then a colleague scans and sends the article to them as a PDF, and then they email it to me. Usually takes under a week.
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What article are you looking for? I'm a music journalist and will see if I or my colleagues can help.
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Yes, please mention the article! I bet a Mefite can get it to you.
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I’m looking for the Suzi Quatro profile from January 2nd, 1975.
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Have you checked the databases at Boston PL?
They have some Gale “ONEFILE” databases that are full text or full image copies of magazine articles and issues.
AND they offer Interlibrary Loan article and book searches for items they do not own. This can be a pdf copy of a magazine article.
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