Can I buy an eInk weather station?
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I'd like an eInk weather station to mount to the wall in my house. Everything I've found so far is either tiny, requires me to 3D print & solder it together, or looks like it was put together by Victor Frankenstein himself. Are there really no good-looking, decent-sized eInk weather stations out there? I'm perfectly happy to pay serious money.

I'm reasonably technically able, but I want something that looks good. I'm happy to snap together a kit and clone a repo from GitHub if it looks good, but I don't really want to be doing much more than that in the construction/setup process.

It seems that converting an e-reader and mounting it inside a frame would work well, but all the instructions around that concept seems to be about buying a very specific old model of Kindle and jailbreaking it with a 50% chance of bricking the thing.
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It looks like weather stations exist that will talk to Android devices. You can get e-ink android tablets from Onyx Boox or Boyue Likebook. (I have a Boox Nova 2, it's an awesome little tablet! But totally overkill for a weather station.)

You can also root the original Barnes&Noble Nook Simple Touch - the process is well-documented and I've done it twice. You can get them on ebay for like $25 where an Onyx or Boyue tablet will run into the hundreds. Unfortunately, the Nook ST runs a pretty old version of Android, so you'd have to check carefully whether the weather station's app is compatible.
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I like Crowd Supply. There's a project on there, fully funded, selling recycled 6" Kindle screens with a WiFi-enabled ESP32 chip that can be trained to show weather and update only every few hours.

Inkplate 6, can be had with a 3D-printed case.
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I have this project bookmarked for a rainy day (ha). It doesn’t look like Apple hardware and I wouldn’t put it in my living room but it’s fine for an office IMHO.
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