Canuck abroad visiting the mother country - health insurance??
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So when Canadians go home for a month or more which health insurance company do you go with? Why do they all look so scammy?

I see Ontario blue cross, rbc, manulife... I have kids so I want more than emergency services - if my kid gets an eye infection I want to see a doctor and buy meds in Canada. Would be nice to also get my kids vaccines on schedule if that’s not too much to ask? Right now I have American PPO insurance. My provincial has long expired. Thanks 🇨🇦
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Not Canadian, but a neighbor from a little south. However, I also live abroad. I have found the best solution is to get a traveler's insurance in my country of residence that covers my trips back home. I typically have to pay for the emergency room/doctor's visit upfront, but I've been reimbursed upon submitting the claim every time.
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We (Canadian couple in Australia) tried to get travel insurance from Australia, every company we looked at had a clause preventing you from claiming in any country where you are a citizen. It was in the fine print, so be sure to check for that.

Each time so far we’ve bought temporary insurance in Canada, never had to claim so I can’t speak to that part. It’s expensive and definitely feels scammy.
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You may want to check for your specific province, but in Ontario they are waiving the 3 month wait to get back on OHIP due to covid.

This is intended for people who are returning residents, so you may not want to use it as Plan A (since it would involve wasting a day of your trip to go sign up again) but if someone in your family gets COVID and is going to test your travel insurance it's good to be aware you have the option.
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