Need help finding a small dish
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Looking for some small (1 and 1/2 inch diameter) thin porcelain (has to be light) saucers or shallow cups, for weighing and dispensing medicine to critters licking it off the dish. Light weight, reusable, shallow and small. Been searching but all the condiment dishes I see are too big and too heavy. Anyone know of just the thing? Thanks!
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Best answer: What about a doll tea set? Because the size you say is really pretty tiny for human anything, even travel size containers. This Tea set has 1" plates, 0.7" saucers ( it is also the first one I looked at, looks like there are tons.) 1/12 size is about right to get 1" plates.
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Would melamine work? These are 2 2/3 inches.
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Would glass with a convex bottom work? A cursory search on amazon found a Ø5cm/1.96" set. I also saw a listing for Ø30mm/1.18" but the listing has conflicting specs and hopefully is priced for a case. A similar dish is called a beaker lid... these are larger than you wanted and a bit pricey.
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Evaporating dishes might come in the right size. Or glass watch glasses, though the edges aren't always rounded, and could cut a tongue if licked with too much gusto. Petri dishes might work too, though the have internal corners. If it doesn't need to be porcelain, weighing boats are cheap and come in a range of sizes, and can be reused a few times at least.

Amazon sells a lot of lab wear, but the dimensions in the listings can be sketchy (lab suppliers are terrible at making informative websites). You can cross reference the part number to the brand website to check that you're ordering the right thing. The brands still put out old school catalogues, which you can download and often have much more info.
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Muji sells tiny round porcelain trays that are 2.2 inches (5.5 cm) wide with a lip that is .4 inches (1 cm) tall. I believe they are meant as a place to put a ring or earrings while you are washing up.
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Plenty of potters on Etsy and likely there are some local to you. You could get exactly what you want custom made.
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Best answer: Ceramic utensil rests; glass reptile feeding mini-dish; watercolor paint pans (plastic; looking for pans/pots in other materials); small glass petri dishes
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If you live near an Asian grocery, the little sushi soy sauce dishes might me light enough.
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Best answer: My immediate thought was miniature dollhouse dishes. Here's an option on amazon. Here's an option on not-amazon.

And if neither of those is quite right, you can search around for 1:12 scale dollhouse dishes until you find one that will work. 1:12 scale will put you in just about the right size range and miniature enthusiasts are intense--there are lots of options out there.
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If you search for "ring dish" on Etsy there are a ton of options that might work
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In addition to the Muji tray mentioned above, Muji also just has tiny plates with the rest of the dishes. They're very light weight white porcelain, with less of a lip than the tray. But probably more like 2" across. I don't see them online but their website is dodgy at best, you'll be able to find them if it's possible to go in person.
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There are piles of orphaned saucers at charity thrift shops everytime I go.
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I also see tiny little dishes sold as teabag holders. Often they're wider than an inch, but I wouldn't be shocked to see ones that were smaller.
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I have these and they're great and only $1.95/each:
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