Favorite adult advent calendars?
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Piggybacking off of the "how do I make winter fun this year" question- what's your favorite advent calendar for adults?

I am not religious but celebrating Christmas is fun and this is a nice way to count down. Any fancy advent calendars on Etsy or similar you like? I saw some for sock yarn but I think the skeins would be so small I would never use them even though I knit and crochet. Unless there's one you love (bonus points for scrap yarn patterns...)

No other limits except probably no alcohol. I don't want to drink every day in December 😁
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Refinery 29's got you covered. If you really want to go for a self-care splurge, La Mer has one, too.

I can't find it right now, but there was a short story advent calendar that always seems great.
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Best answer: The Bonne Maman jam advent calendar is a true delight (if you like jam, I guess).
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I just went down this rabbit hole too. I got the Bonne Maman jam one for my husband and this L'Occitane en Provence one for me. I was also considering this one from the Body Shop. In past years I gave my husband a Lego one (available at Costco) and one from Kiehl's for me, which I enjoyed. This Sugarfina one also looks yummy.

These are all available in the US. If you happen to be in the UK, there are a lot more options.
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I really like Atelier Cologne and they put out nice advent calendars each year. They’re expensive but contain a good variety of things: perfumes (full, travel, and sample sizes), scented candles, hand lotions, shower gels and soaps. If I recall correctly, they usually put out a super luxury advent calendar with some full size perfumes, and a less expensive one without the full sized perfumes, just 10 mL travel sizes and samples along with the smaller candles etc.
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I got a Star Wars sock advent calendar for Christmas last year!
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Response by poster: I am in the US! The jam one is very tempting but these are all wonderful; keep them coming!
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A totally crazy splurge is this luxury lingerie advent calendar.
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Do you like Scandinavian liquorice? Despite a lifetime's belief that advent calendars should contain nothing but illustrations, I finally caved this year and have bought myself a Lakrids by Bulow fancy liquorice advent calendar. Obviously, I haven't opened it yet, so I don't know for sure that it's going to be a winner - but their salt and caramel chocolate-coated liquorice is so good I need to ration my intake in case I absent-mindedly consume a lethal dose of it, so I have high hopes.

They ship to the UK and US.
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Best answer: I really enjoyed the Bonne Maman jam calendar, and if you think you want it, you should order it right now: they sell out super-fast, well before November, and this year's version has been available since August.

I got Bonne Maman last year only after missing it the previous two years, and I buy advent calendars early.
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Last year I really enjoyed Soma Chocolates' Catvent Calendar (the treats are chocolate and cookies, the box is decorated with cats).

Not sure if they're doing it again this year, but last year they made it available on their site sometime in November. Their chocolates are all delicious, and they ship to the US.
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I find the Adagio Tea advent calendar delightful. Black, green, white, and herbal teas in a variety of flavors. Not available yet but you can ask to be notified when it's ready.
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Lego has multiple advent calendars. One is normal winter scenes, but there are also Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lego's in-house Friends.

They're a tiny burst of daily fun.
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Best answer: I just ordered the Bonne Maman jam advent calendar based on the feedback in this thread, and I am ridiculously excited. I ordered an extra to give to a friend - no idea who yet, but the right person will undoubtedly come to mind. Yay, this combination of sweetness and surprise is exactly what I needed!
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Liberty London will be releasing theirs on the 7th. They list what it contains so while you won't be surprised, at least you can determine if it's worth the splurge.
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Best answer: (A note that the CEO of Adagio Tea has been accused of homophobic and transphobic abuse of employees. Some info in this Twitter thread.)
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Diamine had an ink advent calendar last year with some lovely colors!
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I bought a friend the T2 advent calendar and it was an amazing hit. Paired with a pretty mug, we all got daily updates and reviews of the tea on the group chat. My kid adores the Lego ones.
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Perhaps not quite the answer you are looking for, but have you considered a calendar exchange with a friend, family member, or partner? I do so every year with a group of friends. The first year we all made re-usable advent calendars and now every year we fill them up with goodies and pass them off to another person in the group.

Might be fun for you if you have someone that will do it for you. You get to spend November making the calendar and stuffing it and then in December you and your partner get to keep in touch every day over whatever was in the calendars. We always have a lot of fun with it.

FWIW, we set a limit of $125 for a 24 day calendar. Works out to about $5/day, which is enough for a jam or a beer or whatever each day or let's some days be less expensive (a chocolate bar, for example) and other days more (a pair of novelty socks).
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It's already been recommended but I love the Hingston and Olsen Short Story Advent Calendar. Two years ago, a couple of friends and I bought copies and had a Christmas Book Club chat where we'd talk about each day's story. It was seriously delightful, and in the COVID times I think I'm going to resurrect that practice for this year.

(For October reading, their Ghost Box is pretty fun too.)
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David's Tea does an advent calendar.
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I really like the beautiful old images of the Celestial Archive Advent Calendar, which is still available from Hugh Hales-Tooke.
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I've bought the wera advent calendar for the last three years, and it's become my main go to tool kit for fixing fuses, sorting bikes etc.
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Response by poster: I got the Bonne Maman jam calendar! I thought it would be a cool way to try a bunch of marmalades and jams I don't usually try. Thanks for all the lovely recommendations.
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In case there is someone on this board who hasn't yet brought the Bonne Maman calendar (mine arrived today! Yay!) Target does a cute range of sock calendars.
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Canadians - I was inspired by this thread to try the Bonne Maman advent calendar and was able to order it through London Drugs.
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Oh dang the Bonne Maman calendar I ordered thanks to this thread was just delivered! I'm so excited to give it to my spouse I need my own advent calendar to count down to December.
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In case anyone needs more ideas for advent calendar, we just got this very nerdy one where you build your own retro electronic game every day. Also, build your own retro radio, retro film camera, Volkswagon VW Bull T1.
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