Should I watch If Beale Street Could Talk?
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If Beale Street Could Talk is one of the recent classics I've missed, but from what I've read and seen it seems like a melancholy, darker film in overall tone and I'm trying to stay away from such things for mental health reasons.

It's an important film. Have I misunderstood the content? Will I be OK watching it? Or is it something I can and should put off for later when I'm in a much better mood overall? I know that after all "it's only a movie" but some films, especially great films, can stick around and take up residence in your head afterwards and I'm not sure if I want to invite it in at the moment.
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Hm, I don't think dark is the right word. It is a love story about two people going through tough times. It is gorgeous and lushly shot and I think the tone is hopeful, not melancholic. But it is inherently about a very tough subject (racism and false imprisonment), and there are at least three scenes of pretty intense interpersonal conflict, so that might be enough to skip it.
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Perhaps you could read the book (by James Baldwin) instead. I have yet to see the film but want to.
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Due to the non-linear storytelling, the entire film is melancholy. It's not like happy beautiful love story THEN tragedy, it's watching a beautiful love story with fingers over your eyes because you know what's going to happen next. I don't know that it will necessarily haunt your thoughts but I mean.. what happens in the story is terrible and you just feel awful for everyone involved. Totally fair if you don't want that kind of energy at the moment.
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I don't think it was a Great Film (TM) Of Groundbreaking Cinema, just a really good one, so if you want to put off watching a downer of a story you can get around to it eventually. I mean, Baldwin's story is an important work of fiction and the movie is significant in a lot of ways, but as a work of motion picture art it didn't seem all that different from a lot of small-to-mid-budget realist movies of the '90s and '00s, a genre that used to be very common (with white people) and has now passed on to Netflix. I enjoyed it, but I was not in as fragile a mood as you are right now, so take care of yourself OK? Maybe take elgee's advice and read it instead -- I haven't, but I thought the ending of the movie was cut too short and a novel could tell the story in full.
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I agree it's not a happy movie either, if I gave that impression in my first comment!
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FWIW I started watching it then stopped partway through for similar reasons.
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