Need a new laptop and it's not 2004 anymore
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I've been a 100% mac user for the past 10+ years but now need to buy a Windows laptop for my teacher training course, and I feel like I'm about a million years old trying to figure out what to buy. Please help! Snowflake details inside

The last Windows machine I owned was a Thinkpad something-or-other which was pretty solid but I have zero idea what's best these days. Budget is £500ish and I can get a student discount on some brands directly (15% off Acer, 10% off Dell, 15% off Thinkpad). I use an iMac at home for photo editing, watching movies etc so I only need the laptop to be able to run Office without crashing every 5 minutes, but also would like a sold build quality and decent keyboard. What are my best options?
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Get a Thinkpad at your preferred price point. Your variables there are going to be hard drive size (500gb will likely hold you a very long time if you are just using Office and browser), RAM (32 is average at the moment, go to 64 if you can to future-proof it a bit), and chipset (you're not a gamer, you're not editing films, it *does not matter* in any real way if it's a new or fairly fresh refurb with 32-64gb RAM). I have an older T570 that's either an i5 or i7 and new T590 that's an i7. I am running SQL server on them, and for work use they often had/have three different browsers with 10-15 tabs open plus Outlook, five Excel sheets, one or two Word documents, OneNote, and Teams with no real obvious degradation in performance.

Your other choice is size, but I think almost all TPs are full-keyboard 15" and that is fine. Resolution and dpi are decent. I think both of mine are Displayport video out but I use a USB docking station to connect two monitors so I don't care.
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Perhaps look at a current MacBook Air and run Bootcamp on it to run Windows 10 occasionally. As you use an iMac already, a portable Mac could be useful in the larger picture, and current models are solidly built and have a good keyboard.
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I agree with Lyn Never. Thinkpad is solid and reliable. The Wirecutter agrees.
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Thinkpad owner here. I got one off lease for a good price.
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A Huawei Matebook should also be considered.

It meets your price point, seems to have stellar build quality and gets some excellent reviews.
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Office on Mac shouldn't be "crashing every 5 minutes". Do you really need windows? Does it have to be an actual laptop?

If you do need windows, consider running it in a Virtual Machine: Parallels or VMWare Fusion. In many cases, this is actually better than a physical windows laptop, since you can do things like copy from your Windows VM to the clipboard and paste on the Mac side. File sharing is trivial, etc.
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Lots of companies lease Thinkpads for 2 - 3 years, return them, and they get bought by ebay sellers, refreshed, and sold at decent prices. There's a ton of different Thinkpad models, narrow down what you need/want, and you should be able to get it on ebay or newegg pretty easily.
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Second the ThinkPad. I am on my second one and find it perfect for my basic needs
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Thanks everyone! I did consider running windows on my iMac for working from home but as a student teacher it makes sense to get a laptop that I can tote around if necessary.. If money were no object I would have gotten a macbook and installed Parallels on there but as I already have a mac desktop and hubby has a Macbook Pro I couldn't really justify the cost. Thanks for all the pro-Lenovo advice. I think I've settled on an Ideapad Flex which has the advantage of a touchscreen, not something I'd previously considered but it will be helpful for drawing diagrams and such in my powerpoints. Thanks again!
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