Fun birthday activities in Cambridge/Boston area?
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What are some really fun, chill places/activities for a birthday party in the Cambridge/Boston area? I've already thought of: karaoke, playing board games at Diesel Cafe in Somerville, and candlepin bowling. Any other ideas...? Thanks.
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Although it's becoming a bit of a cliché, there's F1 Boston.
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Diesel Cafe is nice as there's a pool table too. What about doing a 'Paint your own pottery' party? The Clayroom has a bunch of locations around Boston/Cambridge. I've done it before, and it's nice as they don't mind if you bring your own food/drink in. Depends on how many people you have, the age group and gender mix....
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I went to a b-day party at Felt a few years ago, and it was both fun and chill. They had rented out one of the pool-table floors, so we all played pool for a couple hours, and ate whatever the catering service provided (pretty tasty, IIRC); then those who were interested migrated downstairs for dancing (although dancing-wise, there are certainly better options).
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There's the Good Time Emporium in Somerville. I haven't been there, but I've heard it's a pretty excellent arcade. When is this party happening? There's a bar in Somerville called Razzy's, I think it's on Somerville Ave. It's an excellent dive with no-line karaoke in the back room on Friday and Saturday nights. Perfect for a party with your friends. I love it there. Karaoke starts at 8, and you might want to get there around then, because if there aren't enough people after an hour or so, sometimes they send the karaoke guy home.
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Lansdowne St. ? - Jake Ivory's, Tiki Room or Jillian's.

For make-your-own fun, some friends of mine set up a scavenger hunt based along the Freedom Trail with clues leading up to a bar where we spent the rest of the evening.
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Seconding pazazygeek, I LOVE the Good Time Emporium in Assembly Square. It gets very rowdy when there's a big game, especially a big soccer game, but otherwise it's really fun on a weeknight. There are car-racing videogames where up to 8 people can be in the same race, and after 7 or 8 pm, you can carry your beer around with you in the arcade.

If you can make it to Jamaica Plain, the Milky Way is a great bowling alley/bar that has karaoke some nights.

Do people usually play board games at the Diesel? I've never seen that.

I also suggest my answer to the first-date question; sharing food can be fun and delicious.
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I'd follow up Sprout's answer (again!) with my own from the first date thread.
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I've already thought of: karaoke, playing board games at Diesel Cafe in Somerville, and candlepin bowling.

But have you thought of candlepin bowling and homemade ice cream? I recommend the place--went there about a year ago as part of wedding festivities for friends of mine.
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