It’s been a beach of a year
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A friend of mine has been hosting virtual movie nights every day since the stay at home order. In June we had a week of “half Christmas” films, and now I want to help program a “Midwinter Summer” in December. Ideas?

Interested in movies that have distinct island vibes or beach vibes. Will also consider generic summer vibes is the movie is appropriately delightfully strange.

We screen a mix of calm, charming, uplifting movies and bonkers, art house foreign flicks. We have pretty wide ranging tastes, but tend not to program horror/slow, dramatic/excessively popular.
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Blue Hawaii - Elvis in full voice
The Blue Lagoon
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La Piscine (1969). Or relatedly, The Swimming Pool (2003).

Both are pretty hot, literally and metaphorically.
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Less Than Zero (film) struck me back then as it's all christmas but it's L.A. and palm trees and such. Really odd for me at the time for christmas not to involve lot's of cold and snow.
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The Endless Summer (1966)
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Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)
Available Amazon Prime
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A Sunday in the Country, Bernard Tavernier (French)
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Back to the Beach
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Cool Runnings offers great contrast between the training scenes in hot Jamaica and the Olympics in snowy Calgary
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Shirley Valentine!
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Not sure if you'd consider it excessively popular, but Forgetting Sarah Marshall takes place almost entirely in Hawaii and lots on the beach.
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One way to go is Beach Party, Beach Blanket Bingo, among others from the 60s beach party genre. You also have Superbad, Booksmart, Dazed and Confused for a different kind of summer party.
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Not very sunny, perhaps, because it is set in Scotland, but Local Hero is sweet, charming and funny, and features some lovely beaches.
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Point Break
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Follow That Dream (1962) - Elvis stranded on a beach in Florida. One of his best movies, IMHO.

Shag (1989) - Set in 1963. Phoebe Cates and pals head to Myrtle Beach for a final fling before they go their separate ways after graduation. Super fun! This movie is also called Shag the Movie.
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I’m pretty sure large chunks of Karate Kid are set on the beach and of course there is Puberty Blues, an Australian 80s cult classic which is all about surf culture and well worth a look.
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from here to eternity
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I watched Weekend at Bernie's for the first time this summer, and thought it was a riot. The whole weekend is a beach party.

Bonus suggestion, not a beach movie, but a summer camp movie, Bill Murray's big screen debut: Meatballs. My dad watches it on June 25 every year, the date the movie begins. We have dubbed June 25 as Meatballs day.

My dad owned a video store in the 80s and 90s, so he has a whole collection of summer movies he watches every year. This year he was able to watch them all due to having nothing else to do. If you're into classic stupid comedies, I can provide more suggestions.
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Rockers has some gorgeous cinematography

One Crazy Summer will make you lose 100 IQ points

Robert Altman's Popeye was filmed on the island of Malta and on an enormous pile of cocaine
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Not a movie, but the first season of A Moody Christmas, a six part Australian comedy series, is awesome.
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