Lithuanian dual citizenship: have you done this?
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Are you someone who is descended from people who left Lithuania prior to 1941 who has obtained Lithuanian dual citizenship? If so, tell me more! Did you do the paperwork (in Lithuanian) yourself or did you use a service? How long did it take?
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I am not Lithuanian but I'm a naturalized citizen of an EU country through ancestry. From start to finish the process took around 2 years and maybe $1600.

It was so worth it but also a ton of work to get done. If they had existed at the time I would have definitely used an agency. They understand the evolving legislation, they have the contacts, and unlike a consular official they are financially incentivized to be helpful and get you the result you want. A jaded bureaucrat can really make your life difficult.
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I looked into this a few years ago (my 14 year old great grandfather was put on the first ship to Chicago in the lead up to WWI when the Russian Army took a more "active" role in managing his village), I was about to come in here and tell you were out of luck on the "dual" part, but apparently they changed their rules in June of 2016, so now they do allow dual citizenship.

Keep in mind that the Lithuania of today is a continuation of the Republic of Lithuania that existed from 1918 to June of 1940. You ancestor must have been a citizen of that Lithuania. The easiest way would be a Lithuanian birth record during that time period. Otherwise, you'd need documentation of citizenship in another way.
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Yes, I did this. The whole process took approx 2 years. I wrote, gathered, and completed all docs and had them translated to Lithuanian. Memail me for more info.
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I've messaged you!
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