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A friend has asked me if I am familiar with any 'off-the-shelf-software' applications for the staffing business ...

I have no clue as to where to point him.

He elaborates: "They will all be working at different clinics for different hours at different billing rates. We need to be able to see who is working where, what capacity they might have left, when their assignments end/start, etc. It would also be nice if it all linked in to an invoicing system as well."

Any suggestions?
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'Off the shelf' is a broad term that tends to scare most application developers. It makes the mouth water of most software sales forces. Think 'plug n' play'- a misnomer if ever there was one. Almost any 'off the shelf' system will require some degree of customization to begin with. How computer-savvy are they? What is the budget? Mac or PC? Web based? I might suggest Filemaker Pro, which they could host themselves or have hosted. Sharepoint might be another option... depending on how complex they need to go. Whatever they choose, I can't recommend enough that they ask the developer/company they purchase from for some names of current end users.
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