Needing a "dual" doorbell or intercom system.
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I need to purchase a new doorbell and/or intercom system and have some questions...

My girlfriend's just got a new apartment and I've been designated the doorbell/intercom guy. She'll be living above a store. Her unit is at the back of the building (with no visibility at the front).

The building has both a front and back (in an alley, but with great visibility) entrance.

Currently there is NO way for anyone on the street to get her attention without telephoning her, which sucks as she gets a lot of packages delivered.

We're trying to come up with a solution that solves as many of these as possible:

a. Doorbell and/or intercom in both front and back locations.

b. Doorbell makes a diff noise depending if person is at front or back.

c. Strong WIRELESS (mandatory) signal -- distance from back of unit to unit is basically 1 floor /story. Distance from front is one story plus about 100 ft (as she's at the back).

d. available in Canada (pref Toronto) or will ship here.

If push comes to shove I suppose we could buy two separate units, one for front and back, but if anyone makes something to accomodate our situation, I'd love to hear about it.

If you don't know of such a dual system, we'd still like your thoughts on any single systems available as, basically, we know nothing about these things.

What should we look for or avoid? Cheapest place to buy? Any other tips? Thanks!
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Wireless doorbells are quite trivial. Intercoms a little harder. See Home Depot or any equivalent store. Did you Google for wireless doorbell and see the thousands of choices offered?

Suggestion: do NOT buy the cheapest one from the local hardware store. The cheap ones only have one frequency selection. What this means is, when your neighbor's doorbell gets pushed, both your and their bells ring. When your doorbell gets pushed, both your and their bells ring. This is Bad. More expensive ones have several frequency settings so you can avoid conflict with your neighbors. Don't worry about the distance, these things have plenty of range (which is bad if you conflict with your neighbors, as above).
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Response by poster: Did you Google for wireless doorbell and see the thousands of choices offered?

Yes, which is why I asked for people's advice on to look for. There are a gazillion of these things available. I want one that someone can verify solves the issues above because they've used it.
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