What states have medical prescribing reciprocity with New York State?
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I have to move to a state that has medical reciprocity with New York State. I cannot find the list and my doctor hasn't been responsive, but. he says there are 30+ states. My doctor needs to be able to see what medications I am getting in his office in New York State, while I move somewhere more affordable. I'm currently in Oregon, but they don't have reciprocity with NYS, but Washington State does. How can I find the list of all the states that share medical information, including prescriptions, with New York State? The doctor says over 30 states are on that list. I need this so I can figure out where I can move.
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Response by poster: P.S. And - what states have looser/more lenient reciprocity with regards to filling meds from a New York state doctor who will be prescribing pain meds to taper me off of them?
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A friend from New York used LAGS in Portland to taper off her meds and they were able to deal with all the hurdles that came up.
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I think your best bet will be to speak to your pharmacist first and then speak to a pharmacist in the town you want to move to. It's against federal regulations to fill an out-of-state narcotics prescription IIRC, however there are sometimes exceptions for geographically-adjacent states. This is going to be really hard. I'm sorry you're going through it.
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I've been in practice for nearly a decade and have never heard of a "medical reciprocity list." A medical license is state-by-state; unlike law licenses, there is no reciprocity, because that would be lost revenue for the state medical boards (several hundred dollars per physician per year pays for a lot of "weekend retreats")

That said, I have had no problem sending e-prescriptions to out-of-state pharmacies (including controlled substances), both before and during the pandemic. These are for patients with whom I have a bona fide ongoing physician-patient relationship; they just happen to live in Other State and drive 6+ hours.

There are some updates to telemedicine regulations due to covid. Perhaps that's what they meant by reciprocity?
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That said, I have had no problem sending e-prescriptions to out-of-state pharmacies (including controlled substances), both before and during the pandemic.

I can concur and have been in other states and filled prescriptions for Schedule II drugs in NYC without an issue or anyone following up with me.
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Best answer: You mention pain meds-is the issue that your NY doctor wants to be able to look you up in your new home state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)? A PDMP is a statewide database that allows providers to check whether a person has multiple prescribers of certain controlled medications. That’s a common feature of pain management contracts-that you will be subject to random urinalysis and PDMP monitoring. Each PDMP is maintained by a single state, but there might be a way for some states to see other states’ PDMPs. Maybe that’s the “30 states” thing your doctor meant?
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It appears that 45 states now are part of that, including Oregon: https://nabp.pharmacy/newsroom/news/new-states-added-national-network-prescription-drug-monitoring-programs/
Your doc may just have old info
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