seeking help with Affinity Designer
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Is there anyone here who lives in the Salt Lake City area that is experienced with Affinity Designer 1.8? I'm hitting the wall and the help files aren't helpful. I'm not trying to do anything fancy, just import and delete brushes, templates and assets.
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Maybe this guide will help? I use the software infrequently for minor design needs and finally took the time to import some brushes last month, via a similar guide which came with their free download of brushes.
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yes! the guide you suggested helped me. it reminded me that "Tip: In Affinity Designer, to use raster brushes you will need to be in the ‘Pixel Persona’ for the brushes to appear as they are not vector. " that was the problem. now i just have to figure out how to install the templates. thanks for helping!!!!
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On the off chance you haven't seen this yet: I've found the Affinity user forums to be really helpful.
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