Fire Boy and Water Girl – but not that one
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I'm trying to find a two-player co-op browser-based platform game I enjoyed a few years ago. It is not this one, although they have many elements in common.

Like Fire Boy Water Girl (FBWG), one character is harmed by fire/lava and immune to water, and the other one vice versa. Like FBWG, the characters can be moved independently, at the same time.

Here are some other characteristics I recall:
  • It can be played by a single player – you just have to switch between the characters and take turns to move them
  • The level designs are simpler than FBWG
  • The characters can push blocks, or carry blocks on their heads
  • There are waterfalls / lava falls where you need to use your character to create an "umbrella" for the other character to pass safely underneath
  • I think it was created by a prolific puzzle game designer (Scandinavian maybe?) and I think I played the game on their personal website
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I haven't played this, but it sounds like a game that was just suggested in a recent gaming askme Degrees of Separation. maybe that's it?
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Nope. The game I’m thinking of has very simple graphics, and runs in the browser. Thanks anyway!
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