Mobile phone video formats & conversion
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A couple of questions about mobile phone video formats:

1) What are the major formats? I've seen 3GP, 3GPP and MPEG-4 but are there others?
2) Any recommendations for software to convert them into something useable? Ideally Flash flv but otherwise a common format like MPEG-1/2, MOV etc.
3) Does anyone produce a server-side package or service to do this?

Many thanks.
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Best answer: Apple's QuickTime Pro copes with 3GPP without issue although I doubt it will help you with Flash, which is relatively annoying to convert to something useable like MPEG. Pretty much every piece of modern software can read MPEG4.

I'd imagine you can probably wrangle ffmpeg into doing what you need.

I'm not aware of a server-side package, but it shouldn't be too hard to write a web accessible wrapper around ffmpeg.
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I asked a related question a while back, I hope the answers there are of assistance!
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All Windows Mobile based phones will also support WMV; unsure if that would qualify as a major mobile format though.
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Last night, I googled and found an extremely simple dos-based command line interface converter for .3gp to .avi - there's a helpful FAQ section here.
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Response by poster: Great, thanks for the help folks.
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