Best Thrift Stores in Marin, Sonoma and Napa Counties
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I've got a couple of favorites in Santa Rosa - would like to branch out and find a few more really good ones - please tell me which are, in your opinion, the absolute best in the three North Bay counties named above and why. Bodacious level of detail greatly appreciated. I am interested in clothing primarily.
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I like Lolo's Consignment in St. Helena quite a bit.
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Bloom in downtown San Rafael has a good selection of clothes--they are a non-profit that provides clothing/hygiene kits to folks trying to get back on their feet and they also sell clothes to support that mission. They are currently helping people who have lost everything to the wildfires. Best of all, you can shop the store online now!
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Wow! Thanks. I am not so interested in consignment stores because they are usually more expensive than I can easily afford but will still enjoy taking a look at Lolo's next time I am in that part of Napa. Bloom will be part of my next trip to Marin.
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