Music from Blueprints? Dancing about architecture?
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So, what's this album?? Probably between 1998 and 2004?? I think it was either a computer fed blueprints or maybe it had sensors all over a building that fed data from light and from air moments - a relatively new building? - something kind of iconic? A train station or airport terminal or something? I swear I've googled this.

The resulting music was about what you'd expect. Oval-esque delights. A buddy and I have been wracking our brains. I thought Ryuchi Sakamoto did something like this but that's not it. The cover I'm sure had a photo of the building. Maybe a tower shape.
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Are you thinking of David Byrne's 'Playing the Building'? Video here.
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I kind of remember something from Aphex Twin like this, but I don’t know enough about Aphex Twin to actually be specific.
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(In related, Aphex Twin sometimes hid images encoded into their audio tracks, which could only be viewed through a spectrum analyzer.)
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Byrne's 'Playing the Building' sure seems like it should have been it, but I have been informed that it is not it! Dangit! I think the presentation of this piece was definitely an album, rather than multiple venue performances...
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Bit of a reach but I'll mention in case it helps in searching, there's a bit in the Dirk Gently novel by Douglas Adams about a similar idea: the character Richard MacDuff creates a spreadsheet program called Anthem that can turn corporate accounting info (or similar unrelated data) into music. It's just possible this might be mentioned in discussions of such an album, especially if the album is on the earlier side of your date range.
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Given that it's not that, some other much wilder guesses:
  • Venetian Snares and Hecare released Nymphomatriarch in 2003. Not buildings, but definitely unusual instrumentation
  • Hurrah Torpedo play appliances
  • Maybe someone listed here will help narrow things down?

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