screenshare alternative - a two-way pdf?
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Last night I had a situation where my clients' PC was too basic (way, way out of date) to run even screenleap which is my fallback where I think zoom won't work. What we were doing was discussing the exact position of a proposed 3km long farm fence and using an aerial as a reference underneath with me drawing and dragging sections of line.

Bandwidth was good though so I just sent them a huge image with an annotated grid and we just talked about what was in the squares - not great but workable. In this case both systems were windows.

So I wondered is there a way to link two pdfs, or two of any other simple vector program files so that what I do at my end also happens at their end? It would only need to be editable from my end.

I do recall drawing complex polygons in pdf reader years ago but that functionality seems to have gone.
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I might be misunderstanding your issue a little bit, but something like might work for you...
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I imagine Google Sheets would be a very good tool for this.
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Bluebeam with sessions does this as well, but I'm not sure there is a free version. It's a primary PDF markup and review tool used in the design and construction business.
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collaborative whiteboarding tools like Mural could also work.
posted by rockindata at 6:24 PM on September 22 could well solve my problems, thanks jmfitch. It looks like people have worked out how to do complex shapes with it too. Off to dentist now, will come back next week and have another look here and play with the tools, Thankyou to all of you.
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