No youtube notifications any more?
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Hi everyone; I used to receive email notifications when a video was released on youtube,the ones I subscribe to. All of a sudden,I don't get those emails any more. Does anybody know why? Is this a new youtube policy? Thanks :-)
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i've noticed the same thing. also looking for an explanation.
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Glad I'm not alone in this,lol.
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Go to
Click the bell icon (notifications)
Click the gear icon (settings)
Scroll down to Email Notifications
Is permission is enabled? ("Send me emails about my YouTube activity and updates I requested")

I believe at some point they changed settings so users had to opt back in to receiving email notifications.
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YouTube stopped sending email notifications due to low usage.

If you want notifications, you'll either need the mobile app or to turn on desktop notifications from
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Oh wow, I guess by "my YouTube activity and updates I requested" they mean your youtube channel and not the channels to which you subscribe? Wish they made that clearer in the settings page. Bummer.
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If you can get the channel ID (usually part of the URL), then a YouTube channel's RSS feed is at:[channelID]

If you take that and plug it into a service like IFTTT, Zapier, or Blogtrottr, you could get e-mail notifications of new videos.
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