Hotels in SF area that are open and have windows that open?
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Looking for a hotel in SF area that is open and has windows that open or--even better--terrace space.
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The Phoenix?

The Hyatt Embarcadero but you have to ask for a balcony room.
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The Kabuki has balcony rooms, but I'm not sure if any SF hotels are currently accepting reservations.
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The Phoenix is in the Tenderloin, a pit of dispair and drug dealing, with noise outside all night. I recommend a hard "no" even if rooms are available.
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The SF area can take 4 hours to drive across in traffic, did you want to be close enough to the city to drive in, or is somewhere in the suburbs OK? Plenty of extended stay type places in the suburban Bay Area have your traditional windows and patios. We stayed at the Residence Inn by Marriott in Campbell and it was pleasant and our room had a small patio. Plus of course you wouldn't have to go in hallways. But it's a solid 1-2 hour drive to downtown SF depending on traffic. In the city proper I have stayed at a couple hotels that have openable windows, at least a crack, but the traffic noise is going to be bothersome if you aren't used to it. Definitely check that whatever you choose is open.
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Can you clarify whether “SF area” means SF proper or the greater SF Bay Area?

Down in Palo Alto, the Residence Inn by Marriott has some rooms with balconies, as do Crown Plaza Palo Alto and Nobu (which is $$$). With low/no traffic, it’s a 30-40 drive to SF proper. With traffic it can be over an hour, but the pandemic has put a real damper on traffic.
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I stayed in a room at the Bancroft Hotel in Berkeley with a balcony. Note that the wildfire smoke issues are ongoing- it's better today, but that could easily change. If it's smoky, you definitely won't want the window open.
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Response by poster: Hi all - thanks much for these answers. I ended up staying in Club Quarters in the Embarcadero in their room with a terrace, which has been open all night.
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