What to do if Amazon sends the correct item but not enough?
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I ordered a box of ten individually wrapped items. Amazon sent the correct item but only one of them. Would you return/exchange it as "wrong item was sent" or "missing or broken parts"? Neither fits exactly.

These are dog treats that are individually wrapped but boxed by the manufacturer into one retail box, so they can be sold as a box or individually by stores.

"Wrong item was sent" doesn't exactly fit since it is the correct item.

"Missing or broken parts" sounds more like an appliance missing a screw or something, but this is a consumable.

Clearly a worker accidentally opened the box of 10 and put Amazon barcodes on each item, so an additional concern is that they send a replacement and a warehouse worker scans the same barcode and sends another single item again (i.e. it's not that a worker grabbed an item from the wrong bin-- the barcode on the item itself is wrong.)
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I would say wrong item, because you ordered a box of 10 things, and got a single, individually wrapped thing, and those should be different item numbers in the system.
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Contact them by chat and they'll initiate another shipment for free. They probably won't even want the one you have back. There is indeed a chance that it too will be a single item but unfortunately (according to someone who works at a pickup point I once talked to about a similar issue) there's not much to be done about that except hoping for better luck.
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It's the wrong item, in warehouse terms. When they see "wrong item" they mean "wrong SKU" and "was picked wrong or coded wrong in the warehouse." The ITEM is a multipack of ten. You got a single pack. That's the wrong item.

It's not a guarantee that the worker opened up a pack of 10 and coded each one individually. More likely, they also sell individual ones, and put the 10-pack labels on the individual items, and put those in the bins for 10-pack for picking.
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Wrong item.
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Be prepared you are probably going to get a single item again next time, report it as wrong product again, 1 star rating+review to warn others and move on to a different product. They are unwilling to fix inventory issues like that.

Picking a different vendor for the product to order doesnt help because amazon comingles all the inventory from different vendors together. And your next shipment will probably be from the same warehouse as the last.
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I order a box of six boxes of tea every month, and every once in a long while, they just send one individual box. I return it as "wrong item sent," they tell me to keep the one box and I get a new box of six in a couple of days.
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I agree that you may get the wrong item again. It happened to me two or three times (trying to get 10 boxes of paper clips) until Amazon finally escalated this to someone who said, basically, "Yeah, something's gone wrong in the warehouse." They refunded my money each time (and didn't want my wrong paperclips sent back) and I eventually noticed the item was marked as "not available." A week or two later it was "available" again, I reordered it, and it was correct. YMMV.
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(I also always take a photo of the box and the packaging just in case it triggers something on their end to confirm.)
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Contact them by chat & ask. I've found the chat surprisingly helpful.
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I'm currently navigating a similar issue with Amazon: the item I ordered was not in the box when it arrived, but another, totally different item that I HADN'T ordered was included. Good luck getting through to someone real to correct the problem! I ended up sending the incorrect item back. In the returning package, I taped a printout of the actual item I'd ordered and wrote in large letters on the paper: "WRONG ITEM SENT. PLEASE CANCEL AND REIMBURSE." I thought I'd been successful until I received a notice yesterday that they hadn't received the returned item yet and were going to re-charge me for it! If you figure out how to communicate with someone in customer service in Amazon would you please post it so I can avoid being re-charged myself? Thanks!
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I have the best luck with Amazon when contacting them via their chat bot which will then escalate to a human when it can't solve your problem. I had ordered a pair of air purifiers but amazon sent one, in it's box with a big label that said PART OF A SET DO NOT SEPARATE. The person on chat agreed that it was a mistake and sent me the correct set.
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My husband just received a single item from Amazon that was supposed to come as a set. He was super frustrated trying to figure out how to return it, for exactly the same reasons you are! But nthing that he was able to resolve it via the customer support chat function, once he got to an actual human on with him.
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(I've had no problems reaching a human quickly via phone. You do have to deal with the automated voice for about a minute but then it rings you through to a person.)
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