Best slippers for a pandemic?
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I wear slippers basically all the time now, and my slippers, while very comfy, are lined with synthetic fabric, so they make my feet sweat, and then my feet are colder than if I wasn't wearing slippers and also gross and smelly. What would be better slippers for me to buy?

1. Men's slippers, not womens, because women's slippers are always too narrow, and I have wide, high feet.
2. With high, heavy rubber soles, because sometimes I wear them down to the garbage and recyling area in the underground garage, and also because I need my feet raised half an inch or so to sit comfortably in most of my chairs.
3. Actual slippers that slip on and off, not booty style or sock style that I have to lean over to put on, because I am lazy and not that flexible and I put them on and off very often throughout the day.
4. Readily available to ship to Canada, preferably from within Canada so I don't have to deal with border delays and import charges.
5. Most importantly: breathable or moisture wicking or something that keeps me from getting cold, damp feet when I wear them all day.
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They are NOT CHEAP, but my husband has these slippers and I wear them all the time. They are amazing. That version doesn't have a rubber sole, but it looks like these do, while being otherwise mostly the same. (They are slip on for me, maybe because they're too big, but I think he slips them on too.)

They also last a long time -- I'm pretty sure my husband had his already when we 2007.
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Look at Glerups. They aren't cheap but they are warm (heavy duty felt) and durable and have soles. Mine have leather soles and I definitely wear them to take out the trash etc.

Link is to Canadian site.
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LL Bean sells many varieties of slippers, shearling are fantastic. Wool is also warm and breathable. I have smaller (6.5W) feet and often buy girls or boys shoes (sz 4 in my case).
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The "high, heavy rubber soles" requirement may be difficult to match with the other requirements. One promising choice might be "ULTRAIDEAS Men's and Women's Cozy Memory Foam Slippers with Warm Fleece Lining" but it's difficult for me to determine how heavy a rubber sole is suitable for your purposes. Good luck
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I wear Crocs as house shoes/slippers, and I think they fit most of your criteria. worn with socks, my feet stay warm without being sweaty. They also have a lined version, I dont know how breathable they are though.
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Acorn also makes great, durable slippers that are thick-soled and venture outside just fine. They don't ship to Canada through their website but do seem to be on if that's tolerable to you. The actual website has the options rather more conveniently displayed.
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I was going to recommend Glerups; I’ve had mine for 5 years or something now and they’re beat up but still fine, so they’re expensive but will last. I have the leather soled ones and have definitely worn them outside to take out the trash etc, even if that’s maybe not ideal.
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Wool socks are a short term solution. Your feet will not sweat so much. Wool is a game changer.
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I have this odd pair of fur-lined moccasin slippers that my old neighbor gave me as they were moving out, that I wouldn't have bought for myself, but hey, free, and it turns out I love them. They're kind of like these Uggs. They keep my feet warm but without sweating (seems odd to me, but true), maybe because there's some room for air circulation within the fur.
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Also not cheap but I have family who swear by allbirds slip-ons as slippers.
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I have Ugg slippers - I have never worn other Uggs but they have been great and lasted for years!
Here's a similar men's pair on Zappos
They have soles that work for indoor/outdoor use and are made with natural materials.
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If you are open to clogs, I love my wool Haflinger clogs. I wear them with wool socks to keep the backs of my feet & ankles warm. The cork footbed gives great support and the rubber sole is great for those quick trips out to the garage or porch.
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Laurentian Chief moccasins are great. The moosehide ones without a lining keep your feet warm but not sweaty. They have ones with rubber or crepe soles.
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More Canadian slippers: I bought a pair of Fourrures Gravel slippers after trying on a friend's. Expensive but well made and SO warm.
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Okay, I just bought these Haflinger Grizzly Kris clogs, half based on belladonna's recommendation, half based on the fact that I could actually find them in stock in my size, unlike the glerups which also seemed on point, and then at least 3/4 actually based on the fact that they come in my pretty, pretty favourite colour.

They seem ridiculously expensive for slippers, but maybe not for slippers that I will wear like 14 hours a day for the foreseeable future.
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I live in mine in the cooler months - I have a different style but that boiled wool clog with a good sole is comfy, warm and supportive.
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I am currently wearing the Jack Dog Haflingers that I have had for many years—although expensive, they do very well in terms of cost per wear. I live in a cold Canadian climate and wear mine at least 6 months of the year. Now that I’m working from home, they are what I have on my feet basically all day except for when I’m outside. They are cute, they wear like iron, they keep my feet warm, and I love them! I hope you love yours too!
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I see you're sorted, but for anyone else with sweaty slippers: shearling is often, but not always, faux wool. That makes it sweaty. Looks for real sheepskin lined mocs if you want to be warm but not wet.
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(I’ve had my haflinger slippers for seven/eight years now, and they’re still going strong (I just got compliments on them a little while ago.) so I think yours will be fantastic for a long time!)
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Nthing Haflingers - once you get over the sticker shock.
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They seem ridiculously expensive for slippers, but maybe not for slippers that I will wear like 14 hours a day for the foreseeable future.

They do last. I bought a preemptive second pair after seeing some wear and thinking 'okay when these go I will call them Outdoor Slippies and I will also have Indoor Slippies' and I wound up with two identical pairs of slippies that lasted forever until my dog ate them.
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Also you can wear them to the store and who is going to question you?

No one, that's who.
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If those don’t work out, I recommend the Birkenstock Boston Shearling—great arch support, wide, real wool shearling and suede, heavy rubber soles.
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My absolute go to for the last 10 years are Adidias adisage slides and cotton socks. No sweat, my feet are warm and supported. It doesn’t “look” super warm but I run cold and get cold hands and feet and this has never steered me wrong. Bonus: very breathable and no sweat.
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Just to follow up, they have arrived and I have worn them for a day. The arch support in these things is no joke and my arches feel over supported at this point but I think that will go away in a day or two. It has been months since I wore a shoe with any support in it at all, so my feet just aren't used to it.

They stayed toasty warm all day and didn't get the cold sweats at any point which was definitely the goal! Plus, they are teal and that brings me joy.
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